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Monday, March 7, 2011

Tea and Mindfulness.

Well we did see a small increase in our grocery bill, but not quite 5%. That being said I am going to be a lot more conscious about where we shop. We found that certain staple items are cheaper in certain stores. All it requires in a little planning.

On my to-do list today was to think about lent. Lent for me is about more than giving up certain things, it's also about making room for more positive influences in your life.

I am only going to drink coffee on Sundays. I have so much wonderful teas at home and I never drink them. Giving up my morning coffee is going to be difficult. I thought about giving up coffee 7 days a week, but my mom just shipped me my favourite coffee in the mail - I always appreciate my coffee more on weekends. So I will be allowed coffee on Sundays. Maybe that's a bit of a cop out but this will be challenging nonetheless! I now drink 2 -3 cups per day. Yikes.

I am also going to meditate once a day. I used to to do this a long time ago and it was so beneficial. It reduced my anxiety, I slept better, I worried less and after a few weeks I had a sense of inner peace. I plan on waking up earlier each morning to do this. I have so much trouble waking up in the morning. Getting out of bed, is the hardest thing. But I do think that over time this will become easier.

I really Blond & Balanced suggestion about giving up Facebook. She did this a couple years ago. I will think about this a bit more because I don't want to try to many things and set myself up for failure. That being said I might try this after lent for awhile.

Although technically I only have to start on Wednesday, I will begin tomorrow. I took today off so tomorrow is the start of the week for me and it makes more sense to start the routine right away.

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