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Saturday, March 12, 2011

Water Day = means saving $$ and contributing to a good cause

My big splurge this month is supposed to be a hair cut\color. Well as luck would have it Civello sent me a promotion via email for WATER DAY. I can get a hair cut for 30$ (from the senior stylist who usually charges 120$) and a color for 50$ (instead of the usual 110$) yay for BIG savings!!! The money goes towards a Charity. The only catch is my salon is offering this promotion from 10-2 PM on April 4th. So it will mean an extended lunch hour and waiting until April to finally get my hair done, but these are small sacrifices. I am going to put the money I saved aside. I am attending a big Italian wedding in May - which means a lot $$ in an envelope for the happy couple. The bride is an old friend who I don't see or speak to often, but there is an important history there and I am really excited to be part of this moment in her life. The wedding is out of town, so I need to start saving pronto.

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