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Saturday, March 5, 2011

Groceries 5% increase? we'll see.

It's just the beginning of the month and I have been tempted to veer of budget pretty quickly. Fortunately I've been able to exercise some discipline.

Grocery prices are expected to go up 5% or at least that's what the news reports are saying. I've value eating well and having a fridge full of food. I don't value waste and try very hard not throw away food. However sometimes I'll make a little too much dip, or forget something in the back of the fridge and need to toss it out. That being said I like food, I like having a variety of cheeses, veggies and fruit always on hand. I like fresh baguettes and I splurge on good cuts of meat and fish. I will sacrifice things in other areas of my life, but never with food. I am heading out soon, list in hand to buy this week's groceries. Since I am not in a rush (this is rare!) I am going to check out 2 or 3 different stores (no frills for staples, and separate local spots for my meat, cheese, fish and baguettes. Grocery shopping when I have time can be a lot of fun and I try to enjoy it. We're 2 people and we can spend anywhere from 70-110$ a week. pricey I know..let's home these reports about rising grocery prices don't affect the budget too much.

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  1. Whereabouts are you? I'd love to be able to spend $70 a week on food :)
    Agreed - having time is a major factor in being able to shave your grocery bill.