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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Add some fun

I can easily get caught up in being responsible, safe, strategic. Yet often what drives me is very short sighted. i don't want to be controlled by money, I want to control it. I also don't want to be afraid to spend money on things that bring me value. Here are a few things I've always wanted to do but haven't done.

Take a professional photography class
Go on a yoga retreat. By myself.
Go camping
Go on a couple overnight hiking trips.
Watch less TV, read more.
Take time to cook, and learn to try new things.
go to more museums.
host a dinner party
do more crafts, stretch my creative muscle.

Not of these are out of my reach yet I never take the time to do them. It's time I start.

Writing them down makes me feel more accountable. I am working on 2 books right now. I can easily finish both this week. This cold weather and the fact that I am stuck in bed (or on the couch) trying to recover from this flu is good motivation.

Goals this week:
Get better! Rest, fluids are both on the menu
finish 2 books.
Update resume
Make homemade chicken broth and soup
Prepare healthy snacks (hummus and veggies, yogurt and granola) for the week
Make a hair appointment. Take more time to create a professional image for work.
Drink a lot more water.
If feeling better, go to a yoga class
start researching the cost of a new laptop - this one is very unreliable.start a savings plan for it.

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