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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Finding Balance

I did the 3 things I set out to do this week and it's only Thursday.

I met with a financial planner. It was great he spent over 2 hours with me, discussing my goals and my situation. I will go back on Monday to actually make the changes to my investments. I have been playing it very safe. keeping most of it in GICs and low interest savings accounts - in hopes of one day putting it as a down payment on a home. well as life goes each year I push that goal of buying a home over. It became clear to me this year, that with the way my life and relationship is going that we will not be making those big decisions anytime soon. and so my goal of owning real estate by the age of 30 is gone. mourn the loss. but it's time to make financial decisions based on reality not dreams. And so on Monday I am moving that money over to a more balanced portfolio.

I balanced my checkbook for December. I should have all my holiday bills paid by the end of this month.

I also called my insurance company and lowered my home and car insurance - saving me a total of 167$ a year. Not a huge amount, but it feels good. 

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