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Thursday, January 6, 2011


Is this really how I want to start my first blog - anticipating failure? I have avoided making decisions, taking action and making choices because I fear failure. So instead, I stay in limbo. I play it safe. I plan, but never execute. OK, to be fair, I have made some choices and decisions in life but more often than not I over analyze which paralyzes me and often prevents me from taking any action at all. So this year - I anticipate and welcome failure. I will take calculated risks, some will be be good, some won't. But that's OK. The point is I will make choices. I will do more.

While I want to remain anonymous, I will share a little but about myself. I am 30, have a full time job and I am in a relationship - but things are not going well and we are in limbo - so to speak. The majority of my time and energy has gone into this relationship and now i want to devote some of that energy back into myself; so I don't plan on making this blog about us. But about me.

So here we go.

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  1. You might fail, but you might succeed too. You've got to give it a shot. :-)