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Saturday, January 29, 2011

on the mend

This cold\flu has knocked me out longer than I thought it would. But I am not on the mend and I have big week ahead of me.

Tomorrow will be a big grocery day. I hit costco every other month. I need to stick to a list since I can easily spend a lot of money when I go there. I am also attending mass, ironing and cooking for the week. Monday & Wednesday night I will go to yoga. I have a ton of work to do to catch up from last week, but I will pace myself so I don't end up sick again.  I tend to jump back into things a little too quickly when i start to recover and then I end up sick again. must avoid that.

I am also going to start meditating again. I did awhile ago and I felt some much calmer. I will start with 10 minutes a day - starting tonight. tonight i making home made pizza. yum. so hungry.

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